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COVID-19 immigration update

*Last updated: May 31, 2021 (Originally published April 1, 2020)

Kathleen Leighton

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are various implications for the immigration world, including for those already in Canada, as well as those looking to travel to, or return to Canada, from abroad. In particular, there are travel restrictions in place for land and air travel, which will particularly impact foreign nationals that may wish to enter Canada for work or similar purposes.

Below is an overview of current travel restrictions and other related immigration issues. Please note rules and restrictions are changing rapidly. Our Immigration Group would be pleased to field any questions on the below or similar issues, and to provide tailored and current advice as needed, given the information is subject to change.

Please click the image below to view the full publication.

This update is intended for general information only. If you have questions about the above, please contact a member of our Immigration Group.

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