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We believe in adding value.

To us, that means going beyond simply responding to legal issues as they arise. We guide our clients with a forward focus, rather than a reactive approach. Drawing on the breadth and depth of our experience, we anticipate potential business or legal issues. Sometimes this means offering considered, strategic advice; other times it means developing ways for clients to deal with routine legal matters in an efficient manner reflecting the practical legal risk involved. Our lawyers know the difference. They are knowledgeable about a variety of industries, financially literate and business savvy. They provide real world, practical advice.

In other words, we add value by making your life easier.


We have a strong focus on practice innovation, which is a problem-solving framework that enables us to deliver efficient service to our clients using a variety of innovative, cutting-edge tools and project management methodologies designed to save time, provide cost-certainty and deliver results. This, combined with our approach to client service, has fostered deep loyalty among our clients.

We believe in innovation, value and efficiency, pillars which are spearheaded by the Firm’s practice innovation partner, Paul Saunders, who, along with his team, is responsible for building new ways to deliver client service.

As a result, tightly integrated into the Firm’s workflows are unique approaches to the practice of law, including state of the art client datasites, custom web applications, shared online workspaces, automated document assembly and certified legal project management techniques that enable collaborative legal teams to forecast requirements and exceed expectations on time and on budget.

These technologies and our approach to client service has fostered deep loyalty among our clients regardless of whether they do business locally, nationally, or internationally.

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