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think: trademark protection

If you are a business owner in Newfoundland and Labrador, simply registering your business name with the NL Registry of Companies does not mean it is protected. It does not provide you with priority rights over other users, and it does not preclude anyone else from using a confusingly similar name in other regions of Canada. It also does not necessarily provide you with any trademark rights, even within NL.

If you want to obtain the best protection from imitation and misuse, it is recommended that you apply to register your business’s intellectual property – including its name, logos and slogans.

As registered trademark agents, we can help.

Partners in our St. John’s office, Erin Best and Susan Norman are two of the province’s highly sought after trademark agents. This specialized team can take the legwork and confusion out of the trademark application process while adding a legal perspective to provide your business with the protection strategy it deserves.


Erin Best

Partner & Trademark Agent


Susan Norman

Partner & Trademark Agent


For more information, contact Erin or Susan. Or, visit our website to learn more about our practice in Intellectual Property.

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