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Jaya Krishan

Path to Broadway Avenue

Jaya Krishnan, born in Malaysia, has lived in Ottawa CA since 1979. He briefly attended an art school in Kuala Lumpur but basically, is a self-taught artist. Jaya has experimented with various artist forms, including surreal, abstract, expressionism, cubism, realism and landscapes in the tradition of the French Barbizon School.

Lately, he has devoted his energy into painting a series of images from Asia… (Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam). Jay’s interests these days is exploring human conditions and the environment with affectionate empathy.

Jaya volunteers his time to teach a weekly art class for seniors at the Abbotsford House in Ottawa. He also volunteered his time at the St. Joseph Food and Shelter program and also the Ottawa Greek Festival.

Overseas, he has volunteered at the Cambodian Children’s Painting Project at Sihanoukville and the New Cambodian Children’s Life Association in Phnom Penh with orphans, teaching art, English and other related activities. He’s been involved with the elephant Hospital project in Lampang Province, Thailand.

Jaya has travelled extensively and has worked in numerous corporate and private collections in Asia, Europe, U.S.A., Mexico and Canada.

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