Nothing represents opportunity like the ocean’s vast and abundant depths. For decades, Stewart McKelvey has counselled prominent members of the blue economy in all four Atlantic Provinces. From fishing licenses to superclusters, our team is here to help you navigate the waters, no matter how rough, with a full suite of expertise:

  • Advising on interactions and projects launching with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster;
  • Drafting agreements specific to joint ventures, intellectual property, and advanced technology in the ocean sector;
  • Knowing the details and keeping you up to date on changes to the legal landscape important to your business;
  • Assisting with prospectus exempt capital raises to speed your growth;
  • Taking companies public, or raising capital via public offerings;
  • Maritime and shipping law consulting;
  • Entry and exit from the industry by way of share and asset purchases or mergers & acquisitions; and
  • Guiding lenders and borrowers as they finance the blue economy.

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Kevin Landry

Kevin Landry


Halifax, N.S.



Andrea Shakespeare

Andrea Shakespeare


Halifax, N.S.